The end is Nigh

What if?

The dead souls of the Egyptians have possessed the people of the UK.

Telling them to accumulate toilet roll.
So that they can return in a mummified fashion.

When the apocalypse occurs there’s going to be people wrapped in toilet paper looking like mummies chasing us instead of zombies.

Just a thought.



There’s a mosquito in my room.
I can’t see it.
However I’m familiar with that sound that repeatedly whizzes passed my ear that resembles a shitty moped.

Another hour, I still can’t sleep.
Maybe if I roll onto my other side.

I refuse to look at the clock.
I don’t want to know how long I’ve been fighting to nod off for.

What now? As my head became light and my breath became deep, nextdoor neighbor’s dog starts howling.
Stupid pricks put a pillow over it.

Finally, I’m asleep.
I dream – 30 secs of dialogue before being disturbed by the shrilling sound of my alarm clock.

Best get up.