Popped My Cherry

After hearing me talk about getting one for a while and not committing.
My good lady bought me, my first skateboard (Yeah, I know, I’m a lucky bastard).

This evening we hit an abandoned car park, not to get freaky. But to get our skate on.

My first time skateboarding and I suprsied myself.

We both had a try of the new plank. It’s a Z-flex, it’s slick as fuck.

We could’ve carried on all night, yet with the seaside sun light diminishing we didn’t get to stick around for long.

Tomorrow we plan to take the new addition out for another spin.



There’s a mosquito in my room.
I can’t see it.
However I’m familiar with that sound that repeatedly whizzes passed my ear that resembles a shitty moped.

Another hour, I still can’t sleep.
Maybe if I roll onto my other side.

I refuse to look at the clock.
I don’t want to know how long I’ve been fighting to nod off for.

What now? As my head became light and my breath became deep, nextdoor neighbor’s dog starts howling.
Stupid pricks put a pillow over it.

Finally, I’m asleep.
I dream – 30 secs of dialogue before being disturbed by the shrilling sound of my alarm clock.

Best get up.

Meaning of Ash

We were having drinks.
As the whisky flowed we’d waffle on.
The more intoxicated we became the conversation turned philosophical.

She asked me “What are you most proud of?”

I was stunned.
I had nothing.
Of course the birth of my daughter.
But I had nothing.
Perhaps being a full-time slacker?

Bear Grylls had climbed Mount Everest at 20 something.
At 30 I had achieved zilch, diddly squat, jack effin’shit.

I couldn’t drive.
Still working the same old job, which I resented.
No career.
No skills.
No hobby.
Just your everyday plodder.

Realisation is a bitch.
It was my life.
I was wasting it by the second and only I could do anything about it.

Within a month I passed my driving test.
Quit my job, made sure I had a new one lined up first – priorities.
Began typing.
Became more of an attentive father.
Learning whatever I wanted to now became an obsession.

I want the most out of my life.
That’s what the “meaning of life” is to me – I’m all in, and I’m going to experience the fucking lot.

He asked her

They both gazed out the spare bedroom window.
The sunlight shone enhancing her goddess-like appearance and at that moment he knew.
His heart could stop and he would die in complete awe of her.
Nothing would matter.
He adored her, more than any words could ever describe.
As she looked at him, he looked deep into her eyes only to say with full commitment.

Will you marry me?

It’s beers by the paddling pool weather.

The sun is out and it’s a hot one. The paddling pool is slowly filling up, won’t be long until my daughter gets dropped off.

Me and the good lady sit in our deck chairs. We drink coffee and enjoy the Sunday morning silence.

Too early for a beer, although I am tempted to have one in the paddling pool. Maybe later.


Haven’t seen him in years. I saw him occasionally now and then but only as we passed through the mundane traffic.
We were good friends in school but grew apart as the years flew by.
I wondered what he was up to. From what I could remember I knew he was married and had two kids.
I looked on Facebook. There it was, his account. Underneath his profile picture it said “remembering”
He was gone. When? Months ago. How… it didn’t say. He was the same age as me. All I could think is that he doesn’t exist – only in memories will he live on.