Fill me up Daddy

Gently, and slowly you put it in her.

All the way down to the base. 

Until its fully inserted.

Seductively she orders you: 

“Fill me up Daddy

So you do.

You pump her good.

You fill her up to the brim. 

As you pull out. 

You shake and tap your pipe against the rim of her opening until there’s no droplets left. 

The smell is orgasmic.

There’s no sweeter smell.

Especially when it’s first thing before the rush hour traffic.

You screw the cap on tight. 

You need to go and pay.

You grab yourself a bottle of water and a snickers

The gas station assistant asks

“Any petrol today?”

You reply smug

It’s a diesel

She doesnt find it funny

Screw electric powered cars the tree huggers can keep them.

Screw the planet

If it ain’t fossil it ain’t shit.


Luwan’s Voice

The loud noise that woke me up came from downstairs.

It was from the TV, it was Luwan’s annoying voice. She was the mother of her sons youtube channel, Ryan’s Toy review.

Her voice sounded like a high pitched screech – nails down a black board.

For the TV to come on so early, it couldn’t be my wife, she also detests that show.

It could only be one person – my daughter.

She’s up early again. It’s not even light outside and the clocks haven’t gone back yet so I’m guessing its around 5ish.

I’m dreading going down, she’ll have the remote and she’ll be like Gollum if I try to take it from her.

Can’t be arsed getting into an argument, it’s too early for that shit. However I don’t wanna watch the programme either.

As much as I’d prefer to stay in bed spooning the lady. My daughter can’t be left unattended for too long also Luwan’s air raid siren voice isn’t getting any quieter. I’m awake.

Best go downstairs I’m going for the second option which involves lolling on the sofa.

If I grab myself a coffee maybe just maybe it could save me until the sun comes up.