Are you thinking about having kids?

Most people wait until they’re financially ready, some read copious amounts of books and
some people just take the plunge and dive right in at the deep end of the thunderdome. Mavericks!

Financially ready has its downfall, in theory it sounds like the best idea, however you’re probably gonna be fucked. Physically fucked, and remember you have a very demanding little dictator now to provide for, who is going to just keep getting more energetic by the second.

You can of course read all the books take all the antenatal classes listen to all the advice other parents can give you, it means jack shit.

How do you know if you’re making the right decision?

As you know it’s a big commitment. Whether you’re going to do the deed and create you own or adopt. It’s by far the most challenging, very rewarding (but did I mention challenging?) thing you’re going to do.
After all you’re raising a little human, who knows sweet FA.

So, how can you prepare for this? Well truthfully… you can’t. Sorry to be the bearer of shit news. By all means read every book, take all the classes, listen to the advice given to you at hand, and of course, don’t forget to have some cash flow, because these lil fekkars are money spending machines. But also remember, every baby is different, their own person/individual.

You can never be truly ready. Not by the material sense, but emotional sense. You must make sure you’re emotionally ready, get you shit in order first. Literally, handle your shit.
This new member of your humble abode will push you, drain you and break you down like a drill sergeant. If you’ve got some heavy emotional scars that you’re still running from, not to mention unfit to look after yourself, then you might want to give parenting a miss. After all it’s not only you who will suffer, but the child will to.

Focus on yourself.




Your first responsibility as a parent is becoming aware of your own inner shit – you can achieve this by mindfulness.

Becoming more mindful will not only help you become aware of what you’re feeling, but you won’t act on these negative feelings that are constantly shoving you closer to the fucking edge.

Children have this ability to show us unresolved issues from our childhood. This will not only make you more patient, empathetic, compassionate not to mention selfless. But, it’ll push you to be the best parent you should be.

A child’s needs must come before their parents.


For you, your family and child’s sake.
What happened in the past has been and gone, the emotional scars may still be there, however as long as you remain mindful, aware and stay in the moment with your child your unresolved baggage will be of no concern.
Allowing you to put all of your effort into becoming the best guide/coach/parent that your child truly deserves.

Silly Nacho State; isn’t just a destination but a state of being

S I l l y N a c h o L e g s

A s h l e y C o l L I N g S

It’s no secret, Silly Nacho Legs is the anagram of my name

So what am I about?

I’m a little black women in a big silver box! Since I can remember, I’ve dabbled in this spirituality quest, thingy. However, last year, I had me own Brexit if you like. I decided to make changes in how my life was going. Now I didn’t quit my job, call my boss a shithead and fly east to find myself. I decided to stay put and fight my inner demons, on my homeland. I became an IFF; Inner Freedom Fighter. Also the proud owner and founder of the Silly Nacho State.

The mission

Self development;

How to become the best you can be, but in laymen’s terms.

Parenting advice;

To be the best parent you should be – raise your child through coaching, not dictatorship.

Maybe some fashion advice along the way.

Silly Nacho State;

isn’t just a destination

but a state of being